First joint APARSEN/EUDAT/SCIDIP-ES/DPHEP Workshop on Data Preservation and Reuse

Start date: 
Tuesday, March 25, 2014
End date: 
Saturday, March 15, 2014


This joint workshop was an opportunity for attendees to provide their views and requirements to four major initiatives APARSEN, DPHEP, EUDAT and SCIDIP-ES which are evolving beyond the end of their respective EU-funded projects, and would continue to help organisations to manage and preserve research data.

APARSEN launched the first phase of its Centre of Excellence which was integrated into the well-established Alliance for Permanent Access, and provided world class expertise in digital preservation from some of the most respected research and archive institutions in the world. APARSEN was in the process of refining what this Centre of Excellence would offer the community in terms of training, consultancy and services. We showed the solid basis for our ability to make these offerings; the links to ISO certification of repositories/archives was also described. Furthermore, the services developed in the SCIDIP-ES project, which help to preserve and re-use data, as part of the Centre of Excellence, were demonstrated.

EUDAT presented early work being carried out in conjunction with the Data Access and Reuse Policy (DARUP) working group, firstly on common schemes for licensing data for reuse across the EUDAT CDI, and secondly on charting a roadmap on data policy harmonisation. The latter activity drew on recent APARSEN work in the policy area and aimed to create a framework for assessing existing data policies in ways which are easily comparable between EUDAT sites.

The goal of the DPHEP Collaboration is that by 2020 all existing efforts on Long-Term Preservation in HEP are fully harmonized, both internally and also with other disciplines. The target is that all archived data – such as that described in the DPHEP Blueprint, including LHC data – remains fully usable by well-defined designated communities. The best practices, tools and services should all be well run-in, fully documented and sustainable.