PRELIDA Dissemination Workshop presentations publicly available

All presentations held during the PRELIDA Dissemination and Consolidation workshop haму been been available at the PRELIDA Slideshare account: . The presenters discuss the progress of the PRELIDA project and final outcomes of scientific and technological validity.

PRELIDA Workshop programme updated

Updated version of the PRELIDA Consolidation and Dissemination Workshop programme is available at:

The workshop will take place in Riva del Garda, Italy, co-located with the Ineternational Semantic Web Conference 2014 (ISWC2014) on October 17th-18th. More information about getting to the venue as well updates in the agenda are available here.

PRELIDA Workshop programme extended

PRELIDA Consolidation and Dissemination workshop

17th – 18th October 2014, Riva del Garda, Italy

During this workshop, we will present the findings of the PRELIDA project. Every attendant will have the opportunity to actively participate, discuss and analyze the presented findings for scientific and technological validity, industrial, economic and societal impact, and levels of payoff compared to potential risks, as well as to identify important issues that might have been overlooked.

State of the art assessment on Linked Data and Digital Preservation

Check the latest report by the PRELIDA project: D3.1 State of the art assessment on Linked Data and Digital Preservation

THe report presents the state of the art of Linked Data technologies and standards and of Digital Preservation solutions, standards and technologies, along with an analysis of the characteristics of Linked Data that make their preservation different from that of other digital resources (A consolidated version of the report will be published at the end of the project).

Corpus of 147 million relational Web tables published by PlanetData

Recently the PlanetData project released a corpus of 147 million relational Web tables. The Web contains vast amounts of HTML tables. Most of these tables are used for layout purposes, but a fraction of the tables is also quasi-relational, meaning that they contain structured data describing a set of entities. A corpus of Web tables can be useful for research and applications in areas such as data search, table augmentation, knowledge base construction, and for various NLP tasks.

4th ESWC Summer School in conjunction with PRELIDA Summer School

Applications for the ESWC 2014 Summer school, which will be held in conjuction with the PRELIDA Summer School, are now open! The fourth ESWC Summer School will take place at the beautiful village of Kalamaki Crete 1st – 6th September, 2014. Keynotes include: Abraham Bernstein, University of Zurich, Marko Grobelnik, Josef Stefan Institute, Dominic Oldman from the British Museum and Guus Schreiber, VU University Amsterdam.

11th Extended Semantic Web Conference Registration

This year the PRELIDA project supports the organization of one of the largest events in Semantic Web field - the 11th Extended Semantic Web Conference, and coordially invites to take an active part in the event.  We also happy to announce that the registration for the 11th Extended Semantic Web Conference has been open.

Exposing Tourism Indicators as High Quality Linked Data

On October 1, 2013, new research project on Linked Data has been launched. The ETIHQ  project, standing for Exposing Tourism Indicators as High Quality Linked Data, aims at providing tourism statistics from Marketing-Information-System for tourism managers (TourMIS) as Linked Data. To explore more details about project’s objectives, methodology and initial results please visit the recently launched website.

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